Dry Rot Repair Facts and Tips


One of the many challenges that home owners face when living in their own house is the insects that come into the materials of their homes. Even if these insects will not be putting your life at risk and those that live in your house, they, instead, attack on the materials of your home that will only weaken your home structure and noticing it lastly. These insects are what you call the dry rot loving insects.

When you say dry rot, this concept actually refers to your timber decaying that are found in buildings such as their wooden structures that are caused by their fungi. What usually comes to mind with the mere mention of this term is the process whereby your building timbers will become decayed and rotten. What you need to know about dry rot is the fact that aside from the timber materials of your building, it can also easily spread to other materials of your building affecting your entire structure right away. For majority of buildings, you will notice that spores are the reason why they are able to spread. What you need to know about dry rot is the fact that they are a lot of fungi that are collectively called Serpula lacrymans that feed on the cellulose content of timber. When there is between 30% and 40% moisture in the timber, then this type of fungi can easily spread. Even for your drier timber areas, this dry rot has the capability of attacking these parts and then having some moisture there so that the fungi will even spread faster. While they are looking for other timber materials in your structure, you will also notice them to even be damaging your masonry walls and brickwork in the hopes of having some source of survival. Know more about Newbury Park siding here!

Dry rot treatment or repair services are the methods being done by the professionals in order for these dry rot fungi to be free from the damage that is being done by these fungi for your wooden furniture. When it comes to your home, the best Thousand Oaks dry rot repair service providers ensure to do what they can to create an environment that is not suitable for living among dry rot fungi by increasing their moisture and then having to increase the ventilation in your home. Usually, dry rot repair service providers will be doing the necessary repairs in your home before they will be tackling on making use of the right chemical fungicides for your timber. Right after both of these steps are accomplished, you will notice that your environment will then be controlled from fungus by having to manipulate their conditions. You might even see that these professionals might sometimes make use of extreme heat sources in order for the dry rot fungi to be successfully eradicated.